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Payment Process

Product purchase payment process demonstration

1.paypal (PayPal) transaction payment process demonstration

2. Credit card transaction payment process demonstration

3. Alipay WeChat payment process demonstration

First, after selecting your favorite products, you want these colors, quantity

Second, click on the shopping cart to make a product change or proceed to the next checkout

Third, fill in your receipt information and then perform the payment operation

Our paypal, credit card supports Taiwanese dollar and other currencies, and WeChat Alipay supports RMB payment.

Payment method 1: PayPal payment (support multiple currencies)

1) Select paypal and confirm

2) Click the confirmation button again to jump to the paypal website for payment.

3) Enter your paypal account to complete the payment

Payment method 2: debit card or credit card payment

1) Choose paypal

2) After confirmation, you will jump to the paypal website and click the credit or debit card payment button below.

3) Click the button below to enter the credit card payment process

4) Enter your relevant information to complete the payment

Payment method 3: Alipay and WeChat payment

1) Click on Alipay WeChat payment option

2: After confirmation, WeChat and Alipay QR code will be displayed. After scanning, enter the price to complete the payment.

4) Click OK to complete the payment, jump to the payment success page, and you will receive an order confirmation email.