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DIY personality three ring ring Europe and the United States fashion lettering ring 925 silver couple name ring men and women Chinese Valentine's Day gift

DIY personality three ring ring Europe and the United States fashion lettering ring 925 silver couple name ring men and women Chinese Valentine's Day gift

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[Brand] Jia Weimei

[name] name ring

[material] 925 sterling silver

[Size] Ring 1.1cm According to the size of different letters, manual measurement, there is a small error of 1-2mm

Personalized pattern customization, can be customized to sample.

Can be plated in color, rose gold, local gold, white gold, plus 10 yuan, default silver color

Send to customer service to confirm customization according to the fonts and patterns you need.

Process diagram _01
Process diagram _02

Silverware Health Care: Silver ornaments are loved by the world, not just its noble attributes and exquisite texture. Silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect and are very beneficial to the human body. They can also be used as a test tool because silver reacts with many toxins to make the silver black and easy to be identified by the naked eye. . The ancients said that wearing a healthy and wealthy silver would accompany you. This is not only because of its precious metals, but also because it is much more effective than human gold for human health. In BC, the ancients knew that silver could accelerate wound healing, prevent infection, purify water, and protect against freshness and preservation. It can prevent the growth of bacteria, keep the five internal organs, calm the mind, stop the convulsions, and eliminate the evil spirits. Silver not only has excellent antibiotics and sterilization, but also the thermal conductivity of silver is the most prominent among all metals. It can quickly dissipate the heat of blood vessels. This vivid heat conduction performance quickly reduces the heat of the blood vessels and prevents various diseases. Excellent efficacy. It is precisely because silver has the effect of toxic, so the silver will have a black surface.

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